Art Dolls Only Challenge September to December 2018

Challenge Theme: Journey

Create an art doll inspired by the theme ‘ JOURNEY’ – ideas include  travel, trip, adventure, holidays, mission, odyssey, search, pilgrimage, migration, visit, quest, voyage, passage…
This ” JOURNEY” challenge will start on 3 September and finish  on 3 December 2018. Please post an image of your doll (s) (completed or in progress) any time from now. You do not need to be a member of Art Dolls Only to participate in the challenges shared here. This is not a competition but a prompt to inspire you to create, challenge you to try something different and a shared showcase of art dolls inspired by the challenge theme.
Please click JOIN if you would like to participate in this event.  This challenge allows plenty of time but don’t stop at one art doll! You can use any medium ie, paper, cloth, felt, clay etc., but the creation MUST be a doll in representation.
It is understood by participating in this challenge and posting your photo on the ADO face book challenge page, your photos will also be used (credit given) on the ADO blog and/or other ADO social media. You do not need to do anything ADO will transfer them to the relevant sites after the challenge.
We Hope you will enjoy the challenge! Wilma Simmons ~ Challenge Coordinator Please contact ADO if you have any questions. Please consider global time difference – we live all over the world. so please be patient for a response.
Image Credit : Art doll by Bobbi Oliver from “Odyssey Within” Exhibition, 2016.

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