Guest Artist Kerry Howard Schmidt

Kerry Howard Schmidt of Paper Moon Gallery creates whimsical needle felted characters, she has been creating some form of art for nearly 40 years. Kerry began creating at an early age, being taught wood carving and sculpting in bread dough by her mom at an early age.

Kerry draws inspiration from being a mom and living in a household with four dogs, a bunny, turtle and two lizards!

Kerry spends a great deal of time on each of her characters, the face and eye in particular, she tells us “the eyes are the heart and soul” of her characters so she works hard to get them just right so they convey to story she wants her character to tell. Kerry shared with us for her the best part about making her characters is making people happy, she loves it when she knows her art makes someone laugh or smile.


We asked Kerry to share with us the best piece of advice she ever received when it comes to selling her art, she credits her mom’s words of wisdom.
The absolute best advice I ever got was…”never to put a doll on sale”. I have lived by that! If a doll doesn’t sell after a show or it’s been online for a while, I will rework the doll, put it aside if I’m not immediately inspired, and eventually I’ll get to it. I choose not to put anything on sale because I am doing a disservice to my collectors. They are worth what I am asking, if they don’t sell, I’ll rework or add something to them.

Kerry tells us in addition to her love of doll making she enjoys shopping, traveling spending time with her family, and playing board games.

Kerry is currently immersed in creating new characters that will be unveiled this fall at “A Bewitching Fete” Halloween show.

You can find Kerry and her paper moon cuties online:


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