Art Dolls Only Winter Show and Sale

” A Dark Christmas”

Come join Art Dolls Only for a deliciously “Dark Christmas” themed long weekend show and sale November 6-8 2020.

Our International group of doll makers will be offering dolls, and doll related items with their individual interpretation of “A Dark Christmas”.
Don’t dismay, nothing will be too dark or scary, but there’s bound to be a ghost or two! Most, but not all of the artists will be creating within A Dark Christmas theme, but you’ll find other art available as well.

We’ll be hosting the show here on our website November 6-8, 2020, the gallery page will not go live until November 6th. You need only click on each artists tile to be magically transported to her site to have a look around and make a purchase.
Each artist will go live at 10 a.m November 6th in her own time zone, Australia will appear first, but the other links won’t go live for some hours after. Each artist will be giving you little peeks of what you can look forward to on Facebook and Instagram throughout October, but no dolls will be revealed until November 6th.We look forward to seeing you all there!

Participating artists:

Kira O’Keefe * Wilma Simmons * Ioanna Tsouka * Alison Jackson

*Myriam Powell * Bobbi Oliver * Linda Ehrenfried * Sprite Hansen

*Sam Crow * Sherrie Ann Meyer * Dina Goebell * Rhonda Whitledge *

Melinda Wood * LuLu Lancaster * Santola Mastrandreadrea *Zoe Thomas

*Gioconda Pieracci * Ulla Anobile * Sherrie Woolsey Neilson * Rhissanna Collins