Art Dolls Only Challenge “Time”

We know that creating in the midst of chaos the world is in at present can be trying to say the least.
Art Dolls Only would like to invite you to create a doll in conjunction with our next group exhibit, “Time”. Every artist who joins us for this challenge will have to opportunity to showcase their doll while working within
the theme.

The rules are simple:
Share your work in progress photos on the followers page weekly ” Time” call to action post. This isn’t a weekly requirement, so work at your own pace.

Share the completed “Time” themed doll, along with a description telling us about the doll, and how it fits into the theme.

Share three or more images in the discussion portion of the challenge event by the close date April 15, 2021. No Nudity, FB doesn’t allow it. No links please.

Artists who share both WIP photos, and a completed doll, will be eligible to have their doll shared on our main page. The four most viewed dolls by the end of May 2021, will be included in our revolving banners on Facebook, and will be shared on our Pinterest and Instagram pages.

The four artists will have the opportunity to do a Friday Followers post on our Facebook page where you can share a little about yourself and your doll making, as well as links to your own doll making social media and/or web site pages. We look forward to seeing your dolls! Any questions, please just message us. Please do keep in mind our time zone may be different than yours, so your message may not been seen or answered immediately.

Happy Doll Making!