About Art Dolls Only

Art Dolls Only is a membership group limited to a small number of exceptional Doll Artists who create one of a kind works or art referred to as “dolls”.
The style and medium used by each member varies, but we all share a deep love of our art. Although some still think of dolls as nothing more than a child’s toy, dolls as art is gaining momentum in mainstream art circles. We hope to raise awareness of doll making and dolls as art, by sharing our work, and that of other talented and aspiring doll makers on our website, facebook followers page, and individual social media accounts and websites.
Our followers page provides the opportunity for fans of Art Dolls Only to interact with members and with one another. We invite you to show us what you are working on, your finished dolls, join a challenge, or browse our website or simply to be in the company of others who share the love of all things doll. Please do not use this page to link to items for sale.
*Photos of nude dolls will be removed in compliance with the TOS of Facebook.