Wondering what exactly is meant by “Art Dolls”?

Here’s a good explanation from Wikipedia- “Art dolls are dolls created by artists and intended as expressive and unique art objects rather than children’s toys. Art dolls made by professional artists may be considered fine art.
Art dolls production demand a wide range of skills and technologies, including sculpting, painting, and costuming.  As works of art, art dolls can take weeks or months to finish.

Art dolls differ from mass-produced children’s dolls. Even though the word doll is attached, art dolls usually are not playthings. Art dolls are made by artists as an expression rather than to create a child’s play toy.”

How do I become part of Art Dolls Only without being a member

Join us on our facebook page to post photos of your WIP, finished dolls, join a challenge or connect with Art Dolls Only Members

How do I become a member?

Applications are accepted twice a year unless otherwise posted.

How will I know if I have been accepted to be an Art Dolls Only Member?

We get a huge number of applications each time we have an opening for Art Dolls Only. Please allow no less than four weeks to hear back from us.  If you are accepted as a member you will receive an email with a link to the closed group.

Because we receive so many applications, it’s very difficult to reach out to each applicant, if you have NOT heard from us within four weeks,please feel free to apply next time we open membership.

What if I’m not accepted this time?

Work towards creating your own style, perfect your skills, and don’t give up on your doll making!  We’d love to see your dolls, and your progress towards becoming an Art Dolls Only Member. Please feel free to share your dolls on our facebook page