• Kira O’Keefe~Spider Sisters Studio

    I’m a self taught mixed media & paper clay character artist living in the heart of the Scottish Highlands.   I’m Inspired by my love of nature, animals & anything vintage. I love Halloween, so many of my dolls have a Halloween heart.  I am a bit of a stickler when it comes to detail, no detail is ever too small. I hope my art instills joy in those who see it. My art has been published several times in Art Dolls Quarterly and been in a number of juried shows.

  • Wilma Simmons ~ Empress Wu Designs

    I am a doll maker and textile artist from Newcastle NSW Australia. My art celebrates diversity, with a harmonious mixture of techniques, materials and ideas. I work a lot with recycled materials and found objects, and am probably better known for art created with sticks and tea bags.

  • Francesca Loi ~ Little Swimmin Machine

    My name is Francesca, I live in London but I am Italian at heart. I am a self-taught dollmaker that started her journey in 2018, and since then I never turned back. Creating has always being my passion since a young age but I ended up having a scientific background. Unhappy, I decided to go back to study and I was lucky enough to be accepted at a school for Frescoes Restoration first, before being offered a job in a studio working on Painting Restoration when I moved to London later, where I worked for several years. Feelings, what surrounds me, and little found treasures are the principal inspirations behind…

  • Liudmyla Bezusko

    Dolls have been my passion for many years. I made a first doll for my daughter when she was young, and her excitement about it inspired me to learn more about making dolls. Later I invented my own style, a hybrid technique between a sculpture and a painting. I would better call my creations a textile sculpture then a doll. In addition I always try to give them a personality, to express the character and emotions – things which fascinate me so much in people. While I am in a process of creating, I feel the stream that takes me to the dizzying whirlpools of consciousness. About fantastic creatures living…

  • Sherrie Meyer~Conchy Gem Dolls

    My doll making journey began 25 years ago through a need to share storytelling and emotion in a hands on medium. As a trauma counsellor I also create dolls with children to enhance their recovery process. I work mainly with cloth, clay and fibre to create figures whose stories embrace the power of finding what gives them strength and courage in their life.

  • Dina Goebel~That Creative Feeling

    I’m an Australian sculptural artist with a life-long passion for all things creative, surreal and inspiring. I have been an artist since childhood, generally inspired by nature and the collecting of things. More recently I have begun to explore how modern consumer desires are impacting women and the façade we wear as a result of being molded, a new area to explore.

  • Mary Hermans

    I have been a doll lover, since I can remember. I fell in love with art at a very young age. I have been sewing, drawing and painting, for as long as I can remember. Although sculpting dolls is fairly new to me, it has had a huge impact on my desire to create.

  • Alison Jackson~Alison Jackson Art Dolls

    Coming from my love of Alice, my dolls come from a world where enchantments are just out of sight, strange Gothic creatures do exist, and wonder can abound? My dolls are for collectors who are looking for the unusual, each one is unique. They are handmade with no moulds and a great attention to detail. I hope each one of my dolls brings a sense of charm, a little piece of wonderland.

  • Silke Sordyl~Fairyfelt by SiSo

    We moved from Germany to Illinois in 2012, when my husband accepted a job offer here. In 2014 I began felting figures which eventually evolved into the “Gieblinge”. The Gieblinge are little gnomes living deep underground, each one has a particular story which describe their line of work. I am self taught and enjoy the learning process and the challenge to bring my ideas to fruition. . For me, felting is relaxing and sparks my imagination.

  • Linda Ehrenfried~Charm City Originals

    I am an ooak art doll maker, sculptor, and painter. As a doll maker, I am also a fashion designer, a wig maker, a cobbler, and a seamstress. I make every part of my dolls starting with the armature, and ending with the eyelashes. I believe each doll should have its own story, and I try to infuse that story into them so you can see it without explanation. I hope you like my dolls.