• Kira O’Keefe~Spider Sisters Studio

    I’m a self taught mixed media & paper clay character artist living in the heart of the Scottish Highlands.   I’m Inspired by my love of nature, animals & anything vintage. I love Halloween, so many of my dolls have a Halloween heart.  I am a bit of a stickler when it comes to detail, no detail is ever too small. I hope my art instills joy in those who see it. My art has been published several times in Art Dolls Quarterly and been in a number of juried shows.

  • Ioanna Tsouka~Anima ex Manus Art Dolls

    I’m a teacher for children with disability by day, but I moonlight as a doll maker. I started making dolls in 2010. I am completely self-taught. I created “Anima ex Manus”  when I decided to leave Greece & start a new life in Northern European, a new beginning that took all the weight off my shoulders, in a way that I can breathe free again.

  • Zoe Thomas ~Curious Boudoir Dolls

    I make one of a kind Art Dolls and Sculptural doll wall art. I use a variety of materials. Most of my doll heads hands and legs are made from paper clay, and fabric bodies. I finish them by painting with oil paints.

  • Debbie Court ~ Llunio: papier mâché

    I sculpt in papier mache clay I make myself & paper. I love creating movement in my pieces and as much character as possible. I’m fascinated by the human form & love the way papier mache can be sculpted to create the contours of muscles & bones. I try to make absolutely everything from paper/papier mâché, but do sometimes use a bit of acrylic paint.