• Rhonda Whitledge~Sculpture by Rhonda Whitledge

    Rhonda has had a compulsion to sculpt since early childhood. It is the only activity that has consistently brought her joy. The mediums used have never been as important as the physical and spiritual connection that comes of taking a nondescript blob of material in hand and through manipulation give physical form to the creatures that inhabit the theater in her mind.

  • Linda Zalme

    I graduated as a fine arts major from college, attended the Art Student’s League in NYC, married and raised a family… and found that figurative sculpting was my true calling. I have been sculpting for over twenty years and have sold almost all of my works through various galleries around the country.

  • Sherrie Neilson~Sherrie Neilsons Art Dolls

    Sherrie Neilson creates one of a kind art dolls from polymer clay/paper clay. She has won a Gold award through the Professional Art Doll Makers guild as well as winning  first place in three contest through artdolls.com. Sherrie has had her work published in Prim magazine.

  • Lulu Lancaster ~ LuLu Lancaster Art Dolls

    Hi My name is LuLu Lancaster, I’m an Art Doll Artist who’s been creating figures for 10 years. I work mostly in polymer for my figures & use mainly air dry clay in my accessories & environments. My Figures are a bit creepy & sad, with a style that draws on a shabby tattered Gothic Victorian vibe. Tell me a Story is my tagline, Emotional Wrecks that tell a tiny tale.

  • Rose Frazer

    I’m a self-taught doll artist from Seattle, Washington and creator of Dark Manor Dolls, my little house of curiosities, where I bring little creatures to life out of polymer clay. I love how magical this medium is. I take a ball of clay, a lump of nothing, and with a little pushing and prodding it becomes a little person. People often ask if I have a plan before I start sculpting.

  • Melinda Wood~Mindy’s Fairies & Babies

    I’m a self taught artist living in Vermont. I create one of a kind fantasy figures in  polymer clay. I most often create people inspired fairies represented by  little children or babies, Occasionally  you’ll find a  beautiful lady or an elderly man.  Inspiration is often found at antique stores & yard sales. I use polymer clay, glass beads for eyes, silk paper and cotton are often combined for for costuming , and hair is usually Tibetan lamb or mohair.

  • Elettra Land~ OOAK Creations

    I sculpt ooak dolls in polymer clay. My favorite characters are comics, movie, fantasy books and what my imagination suggests to me. I like create diorama and bases for my dolls by myself.