How do I become a member?

How do I become a member?

  • Art Dolls Only is open for new member applications just twice a year unless otherwise posted. You may use our contact form to request an application if :                                                         

  • Your ART dolls are sculpted from polymer clay, paper clay, cloth, fiber, or you are a mixed media art doll artist.
  • You must be the creator of your dolls. Although repaints, or customizing a manufactured doll is an art, we do not accept BJD, Blythe, Monster High, Reborn/babies/infants of any kind,  Barbie or similar doll artists.
  • Art Dolls Only does not accept artists who use other artists, or manufactured patterns, face molds, face/head plates, molded parts, kits, or similar, or those who create dolls where the majority of their dolls are created with parts made by others, or with manufactured parts of any kind. Nor do we accept artists who create Teddy bears, and teddy bear type dolls, Play dolls, or any doll deemed to be too similar to a play doll,  “primitive” style dolls/artists are also excluded.  We feel these groups/artists are well represented elsewhere, we encourage you to join a group that caters to that genre.
  • If your style closely resembles that of another artist, we encourage you to find your own style before applying to become a member of Art Dolls Only.  We are aware many artists may have the same ideas, however  if we already have a member who’s dolls yours closely resemble, no matter how great your dolls may be, we’d have no choice but to pass.
  • We request that you have an up to date online presence,(new dolls over the past 6 months)  those who follow Art Dolls Only as a group want to see what we do, follow members on social media and have a way to interact outside the group with our members a current online presence is a must.(Online presence examples:  facebook, twitter, instagram , blog, or website dedicated to your doll making, no sales venues please, we don’t allow sales or sales links on our pages)
  • We do not allow sales or sales links on our group pages, or photo saturation by any one individual artist on our followers page. We are looking for members who make, and share their dolls for the love of the art of doll making.
  • Art Dolls Only Members Group Guidelines to consider before applying for membership

  • ⦁ First and foremost, You MUST be an active doll maker, (dolls current within the past few months)  We know life gets in the way, health, family, holidays, but if a couple months pass and you are not working on a doll, I’m afraid you are not an active doll maker.
    ⦁ Unfortunately , non active and/or non participating members will be reviewed and removed. Please contact admin if you require a leave of absence from group activities, thus allowing you to remain a member of ADO.
    ⦁ We are here to support and encourage one another,Please be kind to fellow members.
    ⦁ Participation is a must in any group, as a member, we hope you want to visit, participate, and interact within the group, e.g., start, or join discussions, participate in discussions & admin questions where member input is vital for taking the group forward.
    ⦁ You do not have to join challenges, participate in every discussion, check in, or jump though hoops. However, we ask that you participate and do AT LEAST ONE of the following on a monthly basis to keep Art Dolls Only fun and interesting:

  • ⦁ Post a:
    ⦁ *NEW WIP or noticeably ongoing WIP
    ⦁ *Finished doll or doll related item
    ⦁ *Share a technique/tutorial
    ⦁ *Share videos or photos from a doll show/gallery show you attended.
    ⦁ *Participate in a challenge, Worktop Wednesday or  similar group activity .
    ⦁ *Participate in an event (not a daily call to action) on the followers page or website.

 *If you decide to apply for membership, please use our contact page. Please include at least one URL with dolls from the current year where we can take a look at your dolls. Thank you, Art Dolls Only