Liudmyla Bezusko

Dolls have been my passion for many years. I made a first doll for my daughter when she was young, and her excitement about it inspired me to learn more about making dolls. Later I invented my own style, a hybrid technique between a sculpture and a painting.

I would better call my creations a textile sculpture then a doll. In addition I always try to give them a personality, to express the character and emotions – things which fascinate me so much in people.

While I am in a process of creating, I feel the stream that takes me to the dizzying whirlpools of consciousness. About fantastic creatures living in my head and painfully trying to get out, find flesh, image, meaning, and home. About the worlds that exist in ordinary things: in the folds of a blanket I saw a witch , in a children’s drawing – Babaika, in the beak of a bird – Hieronimus Bosch. They are everywhere: in the clouds, in the thicket of the forest, in the profile of an old woman in a tram, in the shade behind a cupboard… In sounds, and even in smells. In childhood memories. In my fears and in my favorite tales.