Francesca Loi ~ Little Swimmin Machine

My name is Francesca, I live in London but I am Italian at heart. I am a self-taught dollmaker that started her journey in 2018, and since then I never turned back. Creating has always being my passion since a young age but I ended up having a scientific background. Unhappy, I decided to go back to study and I was lucky enough to be accepted at a school for Frescoes Restoration first, before being offered a job in a studio working on Painting Restoration when I moved to London later, where I worked for several years. Feelings, what surrounds me, and little found treasures are the principal inspirations behind my mixed-media art dolls, a blend of textiles, paper clay, and self-dyed fabrics. I am not looking for perfection and my dolls often have loose hems and visible stitches, and often the fabrics or laces I use present some irregularity or, being vintage, signs of wear or little stains. These are qualities to me, and add value and personality to the doll, giving her another history dimension. I love vintage textiles, collecting buttons and visiting flea markets as up-cycling and giving a new life to old treasures is both uplifting and inspiring.